2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Road Test and Review

If rumors ought to be believed, the Toyota Land Cruiser may soon be stopped inside the U.S. market. Which is a blow to enthusiasts who’ve viewed the legendary 4×4 blossom over its 60-year history in the united states — within the FJ40 to the current J200 generation. But heritage is only able to possess a vehicle up to now, and using more than 3,000 Cruisers offered in the united states each year, it doesn’t make much sense for Toyota to develop a completely new generation to fulfill U.S. safety standards.

For the moment, though, the Land Cruiser solders on. And despite existing in largely the identical form since 2007, your truck remains distinctively appropriate for those-terrain adventurer needs. Getting a powerful V8, a 2-speed transfer situation, a locking differential, robust towing capacity, and generous ground clearance, the 2020 Land Cruiser is considered the most — otherwise most likely probably the most — capable full-size SUVs on purchase.

Exterior Styling

Small design tweaks over time have slowed the Land Cruiser’s physical maturation, but you’ll never hear anybody think of it as innovative. Rather, there’s something comforting in regards to the truck’s boxy physique, chiseled edges, and smooth body panels. As Toyota’s most pricey model, the Land Cruiser is a brandname flagship, but it’s much better appropriate for covert commuting.

That’s not to imply the Land Cruiser is dull — Introduced taillights illuminate snazzy geometric shapes, a deeply indented hood flows in to a letterbox grille, and chrome trim for your window surrounds and trunk lid boost the outdoors. And if you would like really a comment piece, the Heritage Edition’s bronze wheels and huge cargo basket must have the preferred effect.

Interior Comfort

Becasue it is name implies, the Land Cruiser is perfect for extended-haul comfort. Function leads form within the cabin — only satin plastics, contrast stitching, and walnut wood inserts separate the uniform aesthetic. As opposed to breathtaking glass sunroofs, ornate trims, and mood lighting, the Land Cruiser affords ample space for roughly eight passengers, user-friendly features, and thick leather seats.

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Front occupants are treated to multi-way adjustable heated and ventilated chairs, a heated controls, and generous storage cubbies. Rear riders have independent cooling and heating settings and outboard heated seats. At highway speeds, it’s hard to believe the Land Cruiser could be the aerodynamic just like a moving wall conversations might be conducted at normal volume while wind and road noise are stored in check. With every single seat occupied, there’s only 16 cubic foot of trunk storage, but folding the second and third rows opens that up to cavernous 81.7 cubic foot.

Convenience and Safety Technologies

In relation to technology, the 2020 Land Cruiser can be a mixed bag. Like several new Toyota vehicle, the Cruiser comes standard while using brand’s Safety Sense P suite of driver aids, including automatic emergency braking, a lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind-place monitoring, plus a rear cross-traffic alert. These characteristics are valuable around the Corolla, however that more so on a vehicle as large and extended-legged since the Land Cruiser.

Convenience tech can be a different, sadder story. Though other Toyotas are really benefitting from upgrades like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Land Cruiser soldiers track of Bluetooth plus an outdated infotainment system. Though proven around the generous 9-inch display, Toyota’s Entune software packages are slow, the screen resolution is poor, as well as the menu is confusing. No volume of additional gold gold coin you can get tech as being a mind-up display, fully digital instrument cluster, Wi-Fi, wild wild birds-eye camera views, or several USB port for the entire Vehicle. Thankfully, the 14-speaker JBL appear system creates apparent audio wireless smartphone charging allows you to worry less about USB ports keyless entry and ignition won’t maybe you have fumbling for just about any remote plus an available rear entertainment can keep the kids occupied.

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The 2020 Land Cruiser is clearly a 1-size-fits-all vehicle, including its powertrain. Every model is outfitted getting a 5.7-liter V8 producing 381 horsepower and 401 lb-feet of torque. That’s associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission and permanent four-wheel drive.

As you may expect, this big engine results in less-than-impressive fuel useage figures. Despite a 24.6-gallon vehicle’s vehicle’s gas tank, the Land Cruiser could make frequent journeys for the service station having its Ecological protection agency ratings of 13 mpg inside the city, 17 mpg around the road, and 14 mpg combined. Inside our week of mixed driving, we’d just 12.9 mpg. Round the vibrant side, those who anticipate while using the truck for highway-heavy journeys could possibly get 400 miles between fill-ups.

Driving Dynamics

To acquire efficiency, the Land Cruiser affords enormous grunt and smooth performance. The eight-speed automatic with ease finds the very best gear at any speed because the engine pulls effortlessly. In the grinding halt, the Land Cruiser will hit 60 mph within 7 seconds (undoubtedly surprising other traffic), plus it scrubs excess speed easily with strong brakes.

Then when the right path beeps paved roads, the Land Cruiser’s impressive range of all-terrain tech need to keep enable you to get began. For technical trails, the truck’s two-speed transfer situation helps to make the a lot of the SUV’s V8 torque, and for low-traction situations, the center differential might be locked to deliver ability to just the front or rear axle. Unskilled off-roaders might also appreciate standard downhill assist and crawl control that instantly adjusts throttle and braking to maneuver over or lower tricky terrain. Perhaps the best bit of trail tech for this kind of large vehicle is Toyota’s off-road turn assist. By braking the inside wheel when turning, the Land Cruiser can effectively pivot to reduce its turning circle. This can prove helpful on tight switchbacks which will otherwise require a multi-point maneuver.

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Prices and Packages

Unlike most luxury vehicles, personalizing a 2020 Land Cruiser takes under 5 minutes and doesn’t need a cpa degree. There are 2 fundamental trim levels: fundamental ($86,640) and Heritage ($88,970).

After you have selected among individuals two models, the choices are quite obvious: exterior paint (black, white-colored-colored, blue, silver, or gray), leather color (brown or black), and whether or not you would like a corner entertainment system for $2,220. That’s it!

Good and the bad

– Rugged design with retro Heritage Edition touches
– Straightforward, user-friendly cabin
– Incredible off-road capacity without any single modification
– Comfortable, well-insulated passenger experience for almost any road trip

– Dated convenience technologies are hard to excuse at almost $90,000
– Preserving your Land Cruiser fueled up can be really costly


Stiff competition might be credited for your Land Cruiser’s waning sales lately. Though Toyota’s kingpin remains comfortable and spacious, its near-$90K cost tag puts it inside the crosshairs of vehicles like the Lexus LX 570 ($86,380) as well as the Lincoln Navigator ($75,825).

With regards to off-road capacity, the LX is effectively one picture from the Land Cruiser, discussing its platform and drivetrain having its Japanese sister. The material difference forward and backward could be the Lexus’s Active Height Control, a feeling suspension system that could boost the vehicle’s ride height by 3. inches. The additional ground clearance helps the LX 570 avoid scraping fenders, if however you just regularly seek highly technical trails, you’re best getting a shorter-wheelbase rig with elevated articulation. If, however, you don’t plan some thing challenging when compared with periodic dirt path, the Navigator bundles cutting-edge conveniences in the posh package. Employing a twin-turbo V6 rather of the V8, the Navigator produces 450 hp and 500 lb-feet of torque, plus 18 mpg in mixed driving. Cargo capacity exceeds the LX and Land Cruiser too, at 20 cubic foot behind the next row and 103 cubic foot wonderful seats folded.