2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Test and Review

Everyone is aware of the Toyota Prius. This legendary hybrid has spent years like a default option for fuel-savers who don’t wish to depend on electric charging. However for its entire two-decade existence, the Prius has faced criticisms about its styling. Sure, lots of buyers recognize how the Prius’s advanced design sticks out using their company cars, and it is unusual silhouette is carefully sculpted to maximise the rules of aerodynamics. However for others, the Prius’s funky looks really are a deal-breaker.

There’s now an alternative choice: the all-new 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid, area of the redesigned 2020 Corolla selection. This compact sedan takes exactly the same gas-electric innards because the classic Prius and hides these questions handsomely conventional body. The Corolla continues to be certainly one of America’s favorite cars for many years, with its first-ever hybrid powertrain, it may now have more than 50 mpg. The Corolla Hybrid starts at $23,100, when compared with $19,600 for that gas-only Corolla or $24,325 for that Prius. Let’s review the facts.

Stellar Results

The Corolla Hybrid’s hybrid technology yields phenomenal results: Environmental protection agency estimates of 53 mpg in city driving, 52 mpg on the road, and 52 mpg overall. That comes even close to ratings of 32 mpg city, 41 mpg highway, and 35 mpg overall which are more efficient gas-only Corolla, and it’s nearly like the Environmental protection agency ratings achieved by most Prius models.

Better yet, the Corolla Hybrid can reward careful motorists with real-world gas mileage that trumps even individuals excellent Environmental protection agency ratings. By speeding up lightly and taking advantage of the EV mode, the different options are a while driving around using the gasoline engine turned off — frequently throughout the very occasions whenever a gasoline engine is least efficient. For the very first time driving, a 3-mile Target operate on crowded suburban roads, our tested vehicle managed 75 mpg the general average remained above 65 mpg for the entire week we spent using the vehicle. Just remember that should you drive having a lead feet, or you spend considerable time cruising at steady highway speeds, your mileage are affected since the motor unit can’t help just as much.

Slow, but Good Ride and Handling

We pointed out the Corolla Hybrid’s performance specs: 121 horsepower and 105 lb-foot of torque, that are less than most contemporary cars. If you want to accelerate hard, the Corolla Hybrid feels sluggish and also the engine could possibly get very loud. Similar to the Prius, it isn’t dangerously slow, but it’s and not the vehicle you purchase whenever you enjoy going fast.

Every new 2020 Corolla, such as the hybrid, provides better ride and handling compared to previous generation. Although it still does not have sports-sedan composure, the Corolla feels more stable and grown towards the road — less vulnerable to wandering on the road, and much more responsive whenever you swerve. The steering also feels natural and enjoyable at low speeds compared to awkward weighting from the old Corolla. The Prius and Corolla share most mechanical components underneath the skin, so unsurprisingly, the Prius feels similar driving.

United nations-Prius Styling

Despite their mechanical similarity, the Corolla Hybrid looks nothing beats the Prius. The redesigned 2020 Toyota Corolla sedan’s slim, sickle-formed headlights nearly meet while watching vehicle, a design that appears assertive without coming off as over-the-top aggressive. Getting around along side it, the Corolla has got the upright body of the compact sedan: a higher roof that drops lower behind the trunk seat, having a stubby little trunk protruding the rear.

This isn’t a minimal, sleek, flowing sports-sedan vibe, or perhaps a look-at-me hybrid — only a straightforward, functional four-door. The taillights are nearly too plain for car’s more eye-catching front finish the Corolla saved the trunk-finish verve because of its five-door hatchback model, which isn’t offered like a hybrid. The only real cosmetic variations between your gas and hybrid Corolla sedans are small “hybrid” badges around the trunk and front fenders, a blue tinge to the Toyota badges, along with a different the perception of its alloy wheels.

Appealing Ambiance

The Corolla’s conventionally attractive design extends from the exterior to the interior. As the Prius includes a funky dashboard having a center-mounted digital gauge cluster, a small stubby shifter, and glossy black plastic surfaces, the Corolla Hybrid’s interior is equivalent to almost every other 2020 Corolla’s: attractive, user-friendly, and mostly well-finished. Its design is stylishly simple while still searching wholly contemporary. Some details might be better, like how a center console bin drops lower hard whenever you forget about it, however the Corolla Hybrid’s interior constitutes a great overall impression.

And even though the Prius is really a technological icon, the Corolla Hybrid is much more modern inside. The Corolla features Toyota’s newer-generation infotainment system with slicker graphics along with a bigger touchscreen, calculating 8 inches versus 7 inches of all Priuses. Both Corolla and Prius are recently available this season with Apple CarPlay smartphone integration for iPhones, though neither is probably the Toyota vehicles which have also added Android Auto functionality for Google-based smartphones. The Corolla Hybrid also offers an opportune electronic parking brake as the Prius comes with an old-school feet-operated brake.

Compact Interior

Besides its styling, the Toyota Prius has always were able to pack an impressively spacious interior right into a compact and fuel-efficient package. The Corolla Hybrid’s 13.1-cubic-feet trunk is barely half how big the Prius’s, and since the Prius is really a hatchback, you are able to fold lower its rear seat to produce a large open cargo hold. Even several small sedans, such as the competing Honda Insight hybrid, have roomier trunks compared to Corolla.

The Corolla Hybrid also doesn’t have great rear legroom. The Corolla threw in the towel some backseat space within the 2020 redesign, as opposed to its abnormally spacious predecessor. Though two adults will still fit okay, you’ll now find more room within the Prius or even the competing Honda Insight sedan. The leading seats are comfy and spacious.

Limited Feature Content

Thinking about its reasonable base cost of $23,100, the Corolla Hybrid is decently outfitted. You receive the large 8-inch infotainment screen, a Wi-Fi hotspot, automatic heating and cooling, alloy wheels, keyless entry with push-button beginning, along with a six-speaker seem system. Plus, like the majority of new Toyotas, you receive a suite of advanced security features — a forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, pedestrian and bicyclist recognition abilities, adaptive cruise control, a lane-departure warning with automatic steering corrections, and automatic high beams.

That which you don’t get is choice. The Corolla Hybrid is offered in only one configuration: the Corolla’s second-cheapest LE grade. Which means you can’t upgrade the Corolla Hybrid with similar extra-cost features because the gas-powered Corolla, for example leatherette upholstery, heated or power-adjustable seats, a sunroof, blind-place monitoring, a navigation system, satellite radio, or perhaps a leather-wrapped controls. Lots of buyers is going to be fine using the Corolla Hybrid’s equipment, but others will need one of these simple unavailable features — which you will get around the Prius or any other competing compact hybrids.

Competitors to think about

Probably the most apparent vehicle to cross-shop from the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is its Prius brother or sister. Because of not much extra cash, the Prius provides you with a roomier, more functional interior. However the Prius’s appearance aren’t for everybody, and also the Corolla Hybrid includes a more upscale and user-friendly dashboard.

A likewise ordinary-searching compact hybrid sedan may be the Honda Insight, that is basically a gas-electric form of the 4-door Honda Social. In writing, it’s the greater choice compared to Corolla Hybrid, because of a roomier backseat and trunk, a broader selection of trim levels, and equivalent gas mileage ratings. However in our testing, it was simpler to conquer Environmental protection agency estimates within the Toyota compared to the Honda, specifically in highway driving. Another value-priced compact hybrid may be the Hyundai Ioniq: a 5-door hatchback with increased cargo room compared to Corolla yet more conventional styling compared to Prius. If you want the Corolla Hybrid, chances are you’ll such as the Ioniq too, so don’t miss it while you’re test-driving choices within this class.

A Subtle Fuel-Saver

With the help of a gas-electric hybrid type of the redesigned Corolla, Toyota has created an even more subtle way of getting Prius-like fuel savings. You would like the Corolla Hybrid were supplied with more optional features, nevertheless it takes the attractive, likable Corolla sedan helping it soar past 50 mpg.

The 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid isn’t really the only affordable compact vehicle with great fuel consumption. Nonetheless its appealing cabin ambiance, top-notch hybrid system, and overall enjoyable attitude get this all-new model an instantaneous contender.