2020 Nissan Rogue Road Test and Review

The Nissan Rogue is probably in the final several weeks before an extensive redesign, however that doesn’t mean buyers have become fed up with it. Nissan’s compact crossover sports utility vehicle was certainly one of America’s best-selling vehicles this past year, finding more buyers than any vehicle in the united states aside from a couple of big pickup trucks and 2 of their nearest competitors: the Toyota RAV4 and also the Honda CR-V.

Buyers are selecting wisely. While fresher competitors offer fancier, greater-tech interiors and much more effective engines, the 2020 Nissan Rogue remains a category standout. The Rogue brings a spacious interior, user-friendly controls, enjoyable driving manners, and advanced safety technology — all at inexpensive price points, beginning at $25,300. If you’re not focused on getting the greatest new model, continue reading to find out if the Rogue could still be the greatest compact crossover for you personally.

Functional Dashboard Design

The Nissan Rogue’s interior was around the plain side in 2014, also it looks much more here in 2020. Our prime, upright dashboard lacks the slimming techniques used by lots of new competitors — namely, perching the infotainment screen atop the dashboard instead of raising the whole dash to surround it. And instead of woodgrain or metallic trim, the Rogue uses shiny black plastic that’s started to look dated. Choosing light-colored upholstery brightens in the dashboard, since the passenger side from the dash uses exactly the same color because the seats our test car’s black interior bordered on dour.

But as the Rogue’s interior doesn’t look fancy, it’s difficult to argue using its functionality. It’s obvious buttons and straightforward knobs, all easy to determine rapidly and also to operate without distraction. You want some newer models were similarly user-friendly. Nissan also keeps things modern by supplying a 7-inch touchscreen as standard equipment, and also the system works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on every Rogue model. Several competitors offer bigger screens, however the Rogue’s reaches least simple to use.

Generous Space

The Rogue’s user-ambiance reaches its spacious interior. It’s among the roomiest vehicles within the compact crossover class, having a high seating position and ample front and back legroom. Our tested Rogue even fit a rear-facing child seat with uncommon ease — we barely needed to adjust the leading seat to create enough room, and also the uncovered LATCH anchors really are a welcome departure from vehicles that bury them within the seat cushions.

The Rogue’s cargo capacity can also be one of the better within the class, and even than some mid-size crossovers. Nissan provides 39 cubic ft of cargo space behind its rear seat, and 70 cubic ft using the rear seat folded lower. We appreciated the “Divide-N-Hide” cargo floor, which supplies a variable height (to choose from a flush surface with hidden space for storage below it, or even the largest possible open space). Additionally, it enables you to include areas of the large cargo hold so small products can’t fall over or roll around. However, the Rogue’s towing ability is low with this class just 1,102 pounds.

Economical Engine

Despite wear and tear, the 2020 Nissan Rogue is among the most fuel-efficient compact crossovers. In Environmental protection agency testing, it came back 26 mpg within the city, 33 mpg on the road, and 29 mpg overall with front-wheel drive, contributing to 1 to 2 mpg less with all of-wheel drive. That isn’t best-in-class, however it compares reasonably well with any crossover except a gas-electric hybrid, a powertrain the Rogue no more offers.

A primary reason for that Rogue’s economy is the fact that it’s lower on power. Its 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine makes just 170 horsepower and 175 lb-foot of torque, around the low side for that class. And also the engine constitutes a racket whenever you attempt to get going in a rush. This isn’t the crossover for those having a lead feet. The good thing is, should you typically drive lightly, you should use the vehicle’s selectable “Eco” driving mode. The engine revs less in Eco mode compared to Normal or Sport, which will keep the automobile quieter when you’re not attempting to accelerate hard.

Enjoyable Driving Experience

Once you’ve selected Eco mode, the Rogue is really a enjoyable compact crossover they are driving. It rides easily, handling bumps without upsetting passengers, also it stays steady on the road. Aside from engine roar under acceleration (mostly in Normal and Sport modes), the Rogue stays respectably quiet.

Also, while it’s no performance machine, the Rogue handles with respectable composure for anything this tall and spacious. The steering is light and natural, delivering the automobile where it’s pointed without fuss — also it doesn’t feel loose and disconnected in the wheels as with some SUVs. Overall, the Rogue is maneuverable and simple they are driving, impressive for this type of spacious vehicle.

Affordable Prices

The 2020 Nissan Rogue starts in a reasonable $25,300, with generous standard equipment even around the base S model — including up-to-date safety and infotainment technology. However, we’d spend the money for extra $1,420 for that midlevel SV, like our test vehicle. It dresses in the Rogue’s exterior and interior, and in addition it provides much more safety gear, together with helpful convenience features just like a power-adjustable driver’s seat along with a hands-free power liftgate.

We’re inclined to skip the very best SL model, which jumps to $31,690. You will get nearly the same features around the SV for many 1000 dollars less, using the primary exception being leather upholstery. The Rogue doesn’t sense just like a luxury vehicle despite leather, and when you’re really focused on cowhide, competing crossovers offer it in a smaller sized cost premium. But stick to the S or SV and also the Rogue provides you with lots of features for the money. All-wheel drive can be obtained on every Rogue trim level for any low $1,350.

Up-to-Date Safety

Regardless of the Rogue’s age, Nissan has stored its safety current by retrofitting it with advanced security features — an infrequent quantity of that are standard on every Rogue. Included in this are a forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian recognition blind-place monitoring having a rear cross-traffic alert, along with a lane-departure warning with automatic steering assistance. Optional around the Rogue SV and standard around the SL are Nissan’s ProPilot Assist adaptive cruise control — which could conserve a safe following distance using their company traffic and includes full stop-and-go capacity that’s helpful in hurry-hour traffic — along with a surround-view parking camera.

The Rogue also did well in crash testing, earning top scores in many Insurance Institute for Highway Safety evaluations and 4 out of 5 stars in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Some competing crossovers do better still, however the Rogue remains a powerful option for safety — particularly thinking about just how much crash-avoidance technology it offers free of charge.

Lots of Competitors

The compact crossover segment may be the hottest within the auto industry, and also the Rogue faces many strong competitors. We’ll begin with the Subaru Forester, that also concentrates on family-friendly safety and utility over sporty performance along with a flashy interior. Backward and forward, the Subaru scores better still in crash tests and it has especially good outward visibility, however the Rogue has more room and perhaps looks fancier.

The very best-selling Toyota RAV4 brings an off-road vibe along with a more effective engine, however the Rogue is roomier and — in Eco mode — quieter. The Honda CR-V is similarly spacious and it has a far more luxurious interior planning, however the Rogue has more user-friendly controls. The recently redesigned Ford Escape brings relatively agile handling as well as an optional effective engine, but it’s less spacious because the Nissan. The Rogue can also be generally less costly than the others competitors, though they edge it for fuel efficiency. Going another direction, the Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage offer much more features your money can buy along with a enjoyable driving experience, however they use more fuel. Also consider Nissan’s own Rogue Sport, which appears like the Rogue but is smaller sized, less effective, and fewer costly.

Still Likable

You can buy competing compact crossovers that edge the Rogue in a number of ways — cars with incrementally better crash-test scores and Ecological protection agency fuel useage ratings, more horsepower, and fresher interiors. Nevertheless it remains a likable, completely competent, user-friendly compact crossover, with elevated functional usable interior space and fuel useage than lots of its newer rivals, along with up-to-date safety technology.

Once the next-generation Rogue can provide an even more modern interior design plus a peppier, quieter engine, without disturbing the current model’s strengths, this vehicle’s appeal will grow much more. But it’s already an interesting package, so when dealers make an effort to apparent out inventory from the outgoing model, you’ll be able to acquire a 2020 Nissan Rogue within an especially great cost.