2020 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Road Test and Review

Famous because of its gullwing doorways, the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL in the 1950s increased to get an instantaneous classic, now perfect examples cost serious collectors over $1 million. Nearly 70 years later, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz SL remains one of the world’s most esteemed and desirable luxury convertibles.

Handful of cars have was for wealth and sophistication for this type of lengthy time. Now within the sixth generation, the Mercedes SL can be as much an international symbol of success because ever. Which is performance is not better. With around 449 horsepower, it’s incredibly fast and fun to operate a vehicle, however, this two-seater may also be refined, understated, and cozy enough to savor each day. It competes while using BMW 8-Series convertible as well as the new Lexus LC convertible, which will achieve dealers this summer time time.

Turbocharged Power

Having its twin-turbo 3.-liter V6, making 362 hp, Mercedes states the SL 450 accelerates to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. That’s a substantial thrill ride. Most buyers will uncover that it is more than quick enough.

For those who would really like more, however, the 2020 Mercedes SL 550 has the capacity to dish it. It possesses a sophisticated all-aluminum double overhead cam twin-turbocharged V8 under its extended aluminum hood. A thing of beauty of power and refinement, the large 4.7-liter engine makes 449 hp and delivers 516 lb-feet of torque just 1,800 revolutions per minute. That’s a great deal. Worried about turbo lag? Don’t be. There isn’t any. The SL550’s acceleration is not just intoxicating, it’s addictive. Mercedes express it hits 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. Both models likewise use a level and responsive nine-speed automatic transmission, which can be by hands controlled with paddle shifters round the controls. Both models may also be rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is not available.

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Five Driving Modes

On an outing, the Mercedes SL 550 is an element luxury vehicle, part cruising vessel, and part sports vehicle. Drive it getting a relaxed gait and it’s luxurious, refined, and complex. Its interior is quiet which is ride is actually comfortable it’s an enjoyment to operate a vehicle, either each day or higher the problem.

But there’s another side for the SL: the one that likes to party. It is not only neck-snapping quick, it handles well which is fun to operate a vehicle around the twisty country two-lane. It isn’t exactly a simple, tossable fancy car — within the finish, they weigh over 4,000 lbs — nonetheless its efficiency could possibly get your adrenaline flowing. The Mercedes Dynamic Select system allows you to select among four modes, including Sport and Sport , to tune the SL’s dynamics for your driving atmosphere together with your mood. They could quicken its throttle response, set its suspension, retune its stability control, while growing the V8’s exhaust appear. Still, we spent most of all time driving the Benz in Comfort mode, that’s a wonderful balance of refinement and response.

Surprising Fuel Useage

Despite its awesome horsepower, the 2020 Mercedes SL is surprisingly fuel-efficient. The Ecological protection agency rates the SL 450 at 20 mpg inside the city and 28 mpg around the road, because the SL550 is rated 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway. That’s very good considering remarkable ability and satisfaction. We averaged 23.5 mpg within a week of lead-footed mixed driving around La, which incorporated a 300-mile road trip. Whilst in the town, we did utilize the engine’s start/stop technology, which turns from the engine at idle to save fuel. It’s smooth enough not to become bother.

Buyers trying to find additional efficiency in this particular class should see the BMW 8-Series convertible. It-not simply will improve mileage when compared with Benz, but both 840i and M850i offer all-wheel drive, that’s unique in this particular class.

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Many Security Measures Cost Extra

Considering its six-figure cost, it’s not surprising the SL 550’s report on standard features continues. Highlights include power seats with heat, ventilation, and massage an electric wind blocker parking sensors a Harman Kardon appear system Apple Carplay and Android Auto navigation Introduced headlamps and taillights as well as the Mercedes Pre-Safe system, which prepares the automobile to greater safeguard its occupants in split seconds before any sort of accident. Pop-up roll bars may also be standard and deploy as needed inside the blink connected having a eye.

Regrettably, Mercedes does lead you to pay back due to its full suite of safety systems. Our test vehicle was outfitted while using $2,250 Driver Assistance Package, which adds Pre-Safe Plus with rear-finish collision protection, adaptive cruise control with speed-limit recognition, a lane-departure warning with active steering assistance, automatic emergency braking, and blind-place monitoring getting a cross-traffic alert.

Simple, High-Quality Interior

You sit reduced the 2020 Mercedes SL, and appearance out over simple analog instruments which is very extended hood. The seats are firm but comfortable, and so they remain so after three hrs driving. Its shifter can be a stubby little factor built from aluminum and covered in leather. You push some control to put it in Park, that’s odd. Initially glance, its wide center console seems to think about valuable people space, but there’s an unpredicted utilization of space to increase.

It heats the trunk of the neck.

Typically the most popular feature could be the SL’s Airscarf ventilated headrests. Drop the most effective around the awesome night, and Airscarf blows hot air round the nape from the shoulders and neck through vents within the seats, underneath the headrests. Switch it on, combined with Mercedes’ heated seats, which have three settings, and you may drive this Benz using a frigid winter visit to 100 mph having its top lower instead of get nearly the same as a chill.

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Flies Individually distinct

Mercedes updated the design of the SL in 2017, giving its familiar lines a light refresh. Its sixth generation has been available since 2012, many the roadster’s exterior design, including its retracting roof, continues to be available since 2001. It may be somewhat gray across the temples, but it’s aging well. It remains attractive of all of the position, plus it still looks pricey and premium, but fresh or cutting-edge or possibly modern it isn’t.

That understated nature in the SL is appreciated by a lot of of the buyers. It doesn’t draw attention like other cars that cost much. It doesn’t shout for attention. People don’t stop and stare when one drives by. They don’t question this at filling stations. Teenagers don’t take pictures of it utilizing their phones. It’s unmistakably special, there’s no missing it in traffic in the backdrop of stress sedans and boxy SUVs, nevertheless it flies individually distinct.

Final Ideas

If you’re trying to find any premium convertible, we advise the 2020 Mercedes-Benz SL. It possesses a distinctive and compelling combination of power, performance, comfort, and magnificence, similar to the model has since the mid-1950s. It’s a classic combination many have tried to duplicate but haven’t could duplicate.

We advise buyers take full advantage of Mercedes’ European Delivery Program. It allows you to certainly enjoy your brand-new SL inside the Old Country before it’s shipped towards the united states . States. Remember, you can still find no speed limits on some areas of Germany’s Autobahn as well as the Benz features a top speed of 155 mph. Place the most effective lower and spend each week racing the clouds. Appears such as the trip of your life.