2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon Road Test and Review

In age the Vehicle, there aren’t many station wagons left standing. Most automakers have abandoned the body style, which was once a choice of numerous American families. Unfortunate? Maybe. Nevertheless the wagons that remain really are a outstanding bunch, and one of the better could be the 2020 Mercedes E-Class.

Mercedes remains selling wagons in excess of fifty years, as well as the E Class wagon first came out in 1978. Now within the fourth generation, the completely new version remains built-in Germany and received its last major redesign only a few in the past combined with E-Class sedan. It’s not only one of the largest wagons still offered in the united states, but it’s even the very best as well as the most pricey. It competes while using Volvo V90, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, balance less expensive Buick Regal TourX, as well as the smaller sized sized Audi A4 Allroad and Volvo V60.

Enthusiasts Want the AMG E 63 S

If you’d like most likely the very best, quickest, and greatest-handling wagon available, then you definitely certainly want the Mercedes AMG E 63 S Wagon. AMG is Mercedes’ in-house tuner shop, which is engineers add horsepower, sport-tuned suspensions, and larger brakes for the brand’s mainstream models. The E 63 S can be a hotrod, just one that seems as being a station wagon. It’s all-wheel drive system even features a unique Drift Mode that transmits its engine ability to its rear tires for burnouts and powerslides. Maybe they need to have referred to as it Teen Mode?

Beneath the wagon’s aluminum hood can be a twin-turbocharged 4.-liter V8. It’s not only one of the better sounding engines on the planet, getting a vintage V8 rumble, but it’s also most likely the very best, cranking out 603-hp and 627 lb-feet of torque. That’ll supply you with a thrill to be able to soccer practice. Mercedes states the E 63 S wagon can accelerate to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds which is top speed is digitally limited to 180 mph. Few other wagon offered in the united states might even approach that kind of performance. Prices start around $110,000.

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Strong Performance plus a Smooth Ride

Having its twin-turbo V6, the E450 wagon is a lot more than quick enough for a lot of motorists. Throttle truth is quick, as well as the engine is smooth and delicate, even up at its 6,250-revolutions per minute redline. It provides plenty of torque in the line and effective passing turn on the road. At full throttle, its pull is effective enough to offer you an adrenaline hurry. Mercedes states the E450 wagon can accelerate to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds, that’s faster when compared with Jaguar XF as well as the Volvo V90.

The wagon’s nine-speed automatic transmission, that’s controlled having a stalk round the steering column, may also be responsive. It changes gears quickly and cleanly, plus it always seems in which to stay the very best ratio. Additionally, there are standard paddle shifters for motorists who would like to choose gears by hands, as well as the powertrain matches the engine’s revs if you request a downshift.

Smooth Ride, But Agile Handling

This is probably the smoothest-riding wagons in this particular class. Our test vehicle, despite its optional 19-inch wheels and tires, drenched up Michigan’s two-lane country roads superbly. It loves extended fast corners, feeling solid, grown, and stable. And it’s stored in around the road due to a distinctive Crosswind Assist system, which quickly adjusts its stability control system and suspension when the wagon encounters lateral gusts.

Push the wagon around as being a sports vehicle in Comfort mode which is suspension will get just a little floaty. That’s if you achieve lower and flick the toggle switch on the console marked Dynamic. Selecting Sport or Sport modes tightens the wagon’s suspension and steering. The transmission also shifts more quickly and throttle truth is elevated. Out of the blue the wagon can be a high-performance German sports machine, plus it seems to contract close to you, feeling smaller sized sized and lighter than in the past. There’s more engine appear too, full of pops and bangs in Sport .

Average Fuel Useage

Fuel useage is about average with this particular class, The Ecological protection agency rates the E450 wagon at 19 mpg inside the city and 26 mpg around the road, and it possesses a smooth start/stop function, which turns from the engine at idle to save fuel. In mixed driving, our test vehicle averaged 22 mpg.

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Surprisingly, however, Mercedes’ mid-size Vehicle basically matches the wagon’s fuel useage. Concentrating on the same engine and transmission, the GLE 450 is by using a rating of 19 mpg inside the city and 24 mpg around the road, because the less-effective GLE 350 is by using a rating of 19 mpg city and 26 mpg highway. The Volvo V90, which only offers 250 hp, is by using a rating of 24 mpg city and 34 mpg highway. Benz’s V8-powered AMG 63 S model is a pretty bit thirstier. It’s having a rating of 16 mpg city and 23 mpg highway, which isn’t bad considering its 600 hp. Both models want more pricey premium fuel for turbocharged engines.

Comfortable, Superbly Designed Interior

This wagon also provides most likely the most amazing interiors inside the class. Quality is very high, as well as the visual impact in the design as well as the materials used must have a vehicle show concept vehicle. Control placement is excellent, as well as the heated and cooled front seats inside our test vehicle were firm, well-bolstered, and cozy, even though the bottom cushion in the driver’s seat can experience short to tall motorists. It’s simple to get the best driving position, and visibility is outstanding.

The wagon’s large 12.3-inch instrument cluster is configurable and simple to operate. A massive infotainment screen may also be standard as well as the graphics are beautiful. Although we’d prefer a touchscreen, the device is easy to use when you’re familiar with its touchpad interface. The analog clock round the dash is a superb old-school touch. Rear seat space is generous and five easily fit into this Benz easily. Space for storing may also be plentiful and well considered.

Big Cargo Space and Safety Ratings

The 2020 Mercedes E-Class wagon offers 35 cubic foot of space behind its second-row seat, that’s split 40/20/40 and folds flat easily. That’s large for your class and many you obtain inside the Volvo V90 or perhaps the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, but under you’ll enter the Mercedes GLE. Having its rear seats folded taken proper care of, there’s 64.3 cubic foot. Liftover height is low, making loading simpler.

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The completely new Mercedes E-Class wagon may also be rated a higher Safety Pick within the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That’s the organization’s finest possible score. Parents of youthful children will appreciate it is easy-to-achieve LATCH connectors inside the outboard rear seats which is easily utilized upper tether anchors on its seatbacks.

Advanced Safety Systems and Driver Aids

Mercedes supplies a extended report on high-tech safety systems round the 2020 E-Class Wagon, but regrettably the majority are extra-cost options — that’s surprising considering our test vehicle’s $62,000 base cost.

Active Brake Assist is standard. The device will warn you in case your vehicle or other obstacle is inside the journey and it’ll instantly make use of the brakes once the system believes a major accident is imminent as well as the driver does not make a move. Blind-place monitoring and Pre Safe may also be standard. Once the Pre Safe system senses a major accident will occur, it’ll quickly tighten the key safety belts, adjust the passenger seat, and shut the house home windows and sunroof to enable them to better prepare the car and occupants for your collision. Our test vehicle also incorporated the $2,250 Driver Assistance Package, which we advise. It adds many other passive and active driver aids, including Active Steering Assist, Active Lane Change Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, and Evasive Steering Assist.

Final Ideas

As SUVs still gain recognition, automakers continues cranking them in most shapes and sizes. Mercedes offers seven. Nevertheless the station wagon endures, thankfully, as well as the 2020 Mercedes E-Class wagon is considered the most popular vehicles. It perfectly combines the truly amazing comfort, performance, and dynamics in the E-Class sedan with nearly the cargo capacity from the mid-size Vehicle. Additionally, it seats seven.

Although we lust following a big horsepower V8-powered AMG model, the E450 4Matic wagon offers ample power and handling to satiate most buyers. Even enthusiast motorists will uncover its performance satisfying. So before buying another luxury vehicle, we advise an assessment drive in the Mercedes E-Class wagon. It’s something.