2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package Road Test and Review

It’s a mouthful, nevertheless the 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Finish Package will most likely be everyone’s new favorite pony vehicle. Sure, Ford has furthermore launched the Shelby GT 500, packing a wild 760 horsepower, but that’s incredibly specialized. This High Finish Package (HPP) brings the thrill to potentially increasing numbers of people.

If anybody has wondered why Ford never made an RS type of the Mustang, the way did while using Fiesta while focusing (superb cars, incidentally), here it is. The engine is actually within the Focus RS, shifted through 90 levels to permit rear-wheel drive. But we’re getting before ourselves, that’s easy associated with this vehicle. Let’s go step by glorious step.


Let’s start with an important aspect that doesn’t result from Ford. The tires, sized 255/40 on 19-inch alloy wheels every single corner (no staggered widths), are Pirelli P Zero. They’re attempted, tested, and reliable, appearing on nearly all performance machines because of their grip and feel.

Our Prime Performance Package incorporates the ex-RS engine, a front strut tower brace (for additional rigidity), a small-slip rear differential, a dynamic exhaust system with four tailpipes, beefier-than-standard anti-roll bars, bigger (when compared with base Mustang) brake dvds with 4-piston calipers ahead of time, plus various aerodynamic and suspension changes. Every 2020 Mustang also gains FordPass Connect, where proprietors can lock/unlock to check out their parked vehicle utilizing their smartphone.


The big option is the Handling package for coupe (also known as Fastback) versions. This brings wider 265/40 Pirelli P Zero tires, Ford’s MagneRide adaptive suspension, a torque-sensing (Torsen) limited-slip differential, stiffer springs, plus an even beefier rear anti-roll bar. We’d recommend selecting this process once the finances allow. Within the finish, there’s little reason behind going for a high-performance version rather than benefiting from it.

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Buyers of either the coupe or perhaps the convertible model may pick a 10-speed automatic transmission inside the standard-issue six-speed manual and Recaro sport front seats. Infotainment options are the Sync 3 system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration, while voice control and navigation can be found.

Engine and Transmissions

Due to the fact the underside Mustang features a similarly turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine since the HPP, don’t think that this can be only a workout in tweaking. A couple of from the internals, such as the cylinder mind, are upgraded as well as the twin-scroll turbocharger is larger. The engine may also be cooled having a bigger radiator.

The key figures are impressive for just about any production four-cylinder engine: 332 hp and 350 lb-feet of torque. What’s also sweet is the powerband is excellent and wide, with lots of this muscle being easily available between 2,500 and 5,300 revolutions per minute. As pointed out above, the traditional transmission can be a six-speed manual within the Getrag company (there’s no rev-matching feature, though), while an in-house 10-speed automatic is about the choices list.


The 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Finish Package, becasue it is name suggests, adds some welcome muscle for the entry-level Mustang. We don’t have official grinding halt-to-60 mph occasions, nevertheless the seat within our pants lets us know the 2020 Mustang HPP is wonderfully quick.

Locate a twisting mountain road and there’s ample speed to get the adrenaline going — and the idea of emailing Ford saying thanks to the business for fitting bigger brakes is not a lengthy way away. Think about this: The Mustang HPP’s four-cylinder engine makes the kind of souped up that V8 engines could barely manage only several years back. And becoming more cylinders beneath the hood adds weight, the enemy of performance and fuel efficiency.

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Ride and Handling

This really is really the right complement for the horsepower. We’ve already discussed the Mustang HPP’s excellent weight balance, that’s 53/47 front to rear. It seems sensible a front finish that doesn’t just transition easily from left to right and again, it positively flows through corners.

It genuinely takes some pushing with the driver to induce any understeer (where the front tires progressively quit their grip). Steering feel — an infrequent virtue since electrical assistance increased to get standard — is quickly perceptible, and will also relay just what the nose does. Several factors lead with this special setup. The lighter engine, strut tower brace, and Pirelli tires, for example. The Mustang HPP also provides a visit quality that’s forgiving and bearable for your usual commute.

Drive Modes

One button inside the center console scrolls among the driving modes that will affect the responses in the throttle, steering (excess weight inside the sportier setting), transmission shift points inside the automatic, suspension reactions in the optional MagneRide setup, and the way much leeway the traction/stability control systems enables before kicking in.

Annoyingly, the button works one of the ways only. So to go back to, say, Sport mode, entails dealing with click other presets like Drag and Track. We’d imagine almost all motorists may decide to click between Normal and Sport in many conditions. This can be one component that requires improving.

Exterior Design

The 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Finish Package isn’t a maximum of the stuff beneath the skin. The automobile includes a special sculpted hood design with a group of vents. The key lip may also be more pronounced, interesting, and aerodynamically effective when compared with one round the base ’Stang, because the grille badge is moved away and off to the whites rather of stored inside the center. The grille is blacked out.

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There are many model-specific badges silently, black-colored alloy wheels, plus an understated rear spoiler. The Mustang HPP may also be offered in a few interesting colors like Grabber Lime and Twister Orange.

Home Design

Due to the wondrous cornering abilities in the 2020 Mustang HPP, the not compulsory Recaro seats are the ideal call. They have got more side support when compared with stock products, but they are still comfortable enough for many people.

The driver’s instrument panel features a switched-aluminum finish, and houses gauges for your turbo boost and oil pressure. The dashboard bears a silver plaque perfect in the center console. Otherwise, our prime Performance Package doesn’t really encroach upon the conventional Mustang’s cabin much. But it’s always an excitement to press the Engine Start button.