2020 Chevrolet Colorado Road Test and Review

Until lately, it appeared that America would only accept full-size pickup trucks. The mid-size Toyota Tacoma remained continuously popular, but everybody else was accepting slow sales or had exited the marketplace altogether. Vehicle was the first one to return, reintroducing its Chevrolet Colorado (and also the robotically related GMC Gorge) in 2015. The class has heated further using the all-new Jeep Gladiator along with a return from the Ford Ranger, plus a new engine for that soldiering-along Nissan Frontier. The on-road-focused Honda Ridgeline models the class today.

Despite a ocean of recent or improved competitors to contend against, the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado remains our favorite mid-size pickups. Even just in its sixth year, still it doesn’t have rival that suits its mixture of capacity and everyday comfort. Let’s review what we should love concerning the Colorado — and, also, which ways other truckmakers have surpassed it.

Two Clean Designs

The Chevrolet Colorado is really a cleanly designed pickup with no extra-butch styling details that comprise some trucks. Some buyers might want a far more assertive search for their pickup, but we appreciate Chevy’s confident restraint. The brand’s standard grille runs backward and forward headlights, having a horizontal bar within the center that proudly wears the Chevrolet bowtie badge. The fenders are assertively flared without searching over-the-top.

Our tested ZR2 off-road edition features its own front-finish design, so we such as this one much more. Its reshaped bumper highlights the truck’s protective skid plates, also it curves up from underneath the truck to satisfy an enlarged grille. It’s an excellent mixture of style and performance, because this new bumper shape leaves less low-hanging bumper pieces to trap on the rock, and it’s also not excessively aggressive. Whatever the Colorado design you select, the18 wheeler can also be provided with a number of appearance packages with distinct style flavors. Included in this are the RST and Redline editions that offer an on-road-performance vibe, the off-road-themed Trail Runner, and also the extreme-conditions ZR2 Bison edition.

Selection of Three Engines

The Colorado can be obtained with a variety of three engines. The bottom motor a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 200 horsepower and 191 lb-foot of torque — sufficient for any work truck although not what most people tends to buy his or her family vehicle. Popular is really a 3.6-liter gasoline V6 with 308 hp and 275 lb-foot of torque. It delivers smooth, lively acceleration. There is also a category-exclusive diesel option: a 2.8-liter four-cylinder with 181 hp and 369 lb-foot of torque. The V6 includes an eight-speed automatic transmission as the four-cylinders both use six-speed automatics.

The diesel is much more fuel-efficient compared to base engine whilst having the ability to out-tow the V6, however the V6 is faster and fewer costly. Environmental protection agency mixed-driving gas mileage estimates include 23 mpg for that 2WD 2.8-liter diesel, 22 mpg for that 2WD 2.5-liter, and 20 mpg for that 2WD V6, with 4WD costing 1 mpg on every model. Individuals ratings trail the Ford Ranger’s, whose gasoline engine edges out the Colorado’s diesel. And ZR2’s greater, less aerodynamic body promises just 19 mpg using the diesel and 17 mpg using the V6.

Smooth Ride

The Colorado is among the gentlest-riding small trucks, even just in rock-crawling ZR2 guise. On the 200-mile vacation, the18 wheeler demonstrated smooth and quiet on the road — an expert of calmness. It’s a large step-up from competitors that feel bouncy and unsettled, which could even rock backwards and forwards whenever you brake lightly to some stop. Our test vehicle’s V6 engine exhibited a racy roar whenever we dug in to the throttle, however it won’t announce itself towards the whole neighborhood when you’re just pulling from your front yard.

I was also impressed using the Colorado’s on-road handling. The steering is much more direct and fewer loose than you’ll get in most mid-size pickups, and also the vehicle inspired confidence on the winding road. It’s still a truck, obviously, and that means you must drive it based for physics. However this isn’t an automobile that constantly telegraphs its heavy-duty abilities. You are able to fill it or go towards the trails, but you may also drive it easily to operate.

Spacious Interior

A usefully spacious interior is yet another Colorado forte. There’s lots of legroom and headroom right in front, and it’s simple to get comfortable driving. That’s a large edge on the ergonomically compromised Toyota Tacoma, despite some recent enhancements to that particular truck. The Colorado also offers a grownup-friendly rear seat in the crew-cab configuration, though folks seeking limo-like space will require a complete-size pickup or even the vehicle-based Honda Ridgeline. As with other pickups, the Colorado crew cab enables you to switch in the rear seat cushion to make use of the trunk area as cargo space, though its bulky supports remain on the ground whenever you achieve this. Just like your competition, the extended-cab model has small rear seats which are best utilized as storage spaces.

For added hauling, the Colorado can tow a hearty 7,000 pounds using its V6 engine when correctly outfitted, along with a mighty 7,700 pounds using its diesel. The bottom four-cylinder maxes out at 3,500 pounds of towing. Maximum payload capacity reaches nearly 1,600 pounds. As with other trucks, towing and payload specs vary by engine, body style, trim level, and drive wheels.

User-Friendly Infotainment

The 2020 Chevrolet Colorado never pretends to become a luxury vehicle inside, but it provides a well-put together cabin, user-friendly controls, or more-to-date infotainment. Every Colorado features a usefully large touchscreen around the dashboard (7 inches on base models by having an available upgrade towards the 8-inch screen, like on the test vehicle), and it’s suitable for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration. The inside design is straightforward and timeless — with no rugged cues which make a Toyota Tacoma or Jeep Gladiator appear more enjoyable and special, but additionally without something that appears busy or contrived.

The Colorado is missing some features, though. You can’t have it having a sunroof, a specific downside inside a class that now includes the Gladiator convertible. There’s no closeness key with push-button beginning, even on upper-trim models. And advanced driver-assistance features are generally hard-to-find options or otherwise offered by all — we’ll reach more in just a minute.

Safety Shows Wear And Tear

Technology like automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping steering assistance, blind-place monitoring, along with a rear cross-traffic alert was once restricted to luxury cars. Now they’re standard equipment or at best broadly on many affordable vehicles, including several Colorado competitors: the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, and Honda Ridgeline. Not one of them is even optional around the Colorado. You can aquire a forward-collision warning along with a lane-departure warning as optional equipment on some trim levels, along with a backup camera is standard (per federal needs), but many competitors go much further.

The Colorado’s crash-test scores also trail the Ranger, Tacoma, and Ridgeline, though mainly on a single tough evaluation: the IIHS’s small-overlap passenger-side frontal-impact test, where they scored Acceptable (the 2nd-greatest grade of 4) as the Colorado was Marginal (the 3rd-greatest). We wouldn’t choose our truck according to that one data point, however the Colorado’s overall safety record does trail its newer competitors.

Competitors to think about

Within the mid-size pickup class, there’s no perfect option. The Colorado slips behind those for fuel useage, available features, and stylistic exuberance, but every competitor also offers a minumum of one key drawback.

The very best-selling Tacoma includes generous safety gear, a awesome rough-and-tumble vibe, along with a top reliability status. But it features a cramped rear seat for adults as well as limited front-seat headroom middling acceleration and hauling capacity along with a bouncy ride with clumsy handling. The brand new Ford Ranger includes a terrific turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s effective, capable, and fuel-efficient, but it’s perhaps drab-searching and inarguably less smooth around the road compared to Colorado. The Jeep Gladiator offers unique retro styling along with a convertible roof, however it will get costly in a rush and doesn’t top the category for utility. The traditional Nissan Frontier is a brand-business truck having a cramped and dated interior but low prices. The minivan-based Honda Ridgeline is wonderfully smooth and spacious, however it doesn’t cash character and can’t haul or rock-climb using the class’s best. Lastly, the GMC Gorge is really a mechanical twin towards the Colorado with blockier styling.

Capable Yet Civilized

The agreeable Chevrolet Colorado has something for everyone. It’s capable at both play and work, yet comfortable and quiet enough to get a day-to-day family vehicle.

We’ve highlighted the techniques the Colorado has fallen behind, though, too. With handful of mid-size trucks to pick from in comparison with, say, mid-size sedans, it must be doable that you ought to consider a sizable slice from the category. While every one has drawbacks, one of these simple may benefit you should. As well as the well-rounded Colorado can be a leading candidate for that yard.