2020 BMW M550 Road Test and Review

BMW M550i. Five letters. Three figures. One serious high-performance luxury sedan. Tuned by its M division, the German automaker’s in-house hot-fishing rod shop, the M550i xDrive debuted in 2018 also it remains among the quickest, fastest, and finest-handling sedans on the planet. Its impressive performance is caused by applying a time-old hot-rodding formula: increase power and traction. It really works each time.

Built-in Germany, the all-wheel drive 2020 BMW M550i xDrive isn’t probably the most effective, most costly, and also the most alluring form of the BMW 5 Series. That recognition would go to the legendary M5. However the M550i isn’t too much behind that icon, which year it will get a proper rise in power, narrowing the performance gap backward and forward sedans. The M550i competes using the Mercedes-Benz AMG E 53 and also the Audi RS 5 Sportback.

Very Much of the Lot Less Expensive Than an M5

Well, you may be thinking, “I don’t have it. If you prefer a fast all-wheel drive M-engineered 5 Series, why don’t you just have an M5?” The reply is cost. Even though the 2020 BMW M550i xDrive costs $2,200 greater than it did this past year

Serious Acceleration

BMW’s engineers have tuned the xDrive all-wheel drive system particularly with this M550i. The machine splits power of all four wheels because the situation demands with a rear-wheel bias, therefore the sedan feels a lot more like a rear-wheel drive machine. Because they have within the M5, individuals engineers also have outfitted the M550i with launch control. It enables you to definitely rev the engine to 3,000 revoltions per minute while holding the vehicle stationary together with your left feet around the brake pedal.

Lift from the brake and also the fun begins. With zero wheelspin, the M550i pins you to definitely the leather with the V8’s entire rev range and also at 6,500 revoltions per minute, directly on the tach’s redline, the eight-speed automatic offers a firm upshift to second. 60 comes rapidly, and also at full throttle the transmission — which has additionally been tuned particularly with this model — clicks off positive gear changes every couple of seconds. Triple-digit speeds arrive with third gear. BMW states the M550i will shoot to 60 miles per hour in only 3.6 seconds. That’s a complete second much better than a 540i, but more to the point, it’s only a half-second behind the M5, that is packing 600 hp.

Awesome High-Speed Stability and V8 Rumble

The 2020 BMW M550i is governed to 155 miles per hour. Although we didn’t drive it that fast, we did stretch its legs a little, and it is high-speed stability is remarkable. Because of its sleek the rules of aerodynamics, optional 20-inch Michelin Pilot Super Sports high-performance summer time tires, and all sorts of-wheel drive, the M550i feels kept in at any speed. The vehicle is amazingly smooth, even at velocities that will land you in prison. We’re told the M550i xDrive could achieve 180 miles per hour whether it were permitted to operate free.

Engaging Sport mode, utilizing a button around the console, cranks in the V8’s voice substantially. The M Sports exhaust product is unique for this model and features a throttle valve for additional seem. Also it sounds good. It’s not too loud to become rude, but it’s an effective V8 soundtrack, just like a small-block Chevrolet having a lumpy cam. BMW also is constantly on the pump the V8’s roar in to the cabin with the sound system.

Smooth Ride

Sport mode also firms in the M550i’s suspension, adds considerable weight to the steering, and sensitizes its throttle response. Its Steptronic eight-speed transmission also awakens, holding gears longer and delivering even firmer gear changes. Make use of the paddle shifters also it matches revs around the downshifts perfectly. The ride remains comfortable in Sport mode, however the M550i feels more alive, more alert, more sports. It seems like it really wants to be driven — hard. This is actually the fun side from the M550i’s personality.

However the BMW may also back it lower and showcase its mellow side. In Comfort mode, it seems like a 7 Series. More luxurious. More enjoyable. The ride is plush, the engine subdued, although believe it or not potent. Also, the steering is lighter. The eight-speed backs off, delivering silken shifts which are almost undetectable.

A lot of Traction

Traction appears infinite within the M550i. And also to our surprise, the sedan seems like it’s rear-wheel drive. There’s no indication in the feel or behavior that it’s also being driven partially by its front tires. It simply includes a Kung Fu Grip around the road also it enables you to seem like a phenom driving. Unlike the M5’s all-wheel drive system, which really provides a rear-wheel drive way of smokey tire-frying powerslides, the machine within the M550i always transmits some capacity to the leading wheels. However this year, the M550i does obtain the M Sport Differential, which improves handling by disbursing the engine’s torque evenly to both rear wheels while paying for his or her improvement in rotational speed.

The accessible Adaptive M Sport suspension can also be unique towards the M550i. It sits 10 millimeters less than a 540i and it has active roll stabilization. Body roll is minimal, even during hard cornering, but there’s sufficient to provide you with just a little feedback.

Special Inside and outside

Also impressive would be the M Sport brakes, that are outfitted with M badged blue calipers. They’re strong, plus they offer enough feel along with a firm pedal. Although there might be more steering feel, there’s enough to fulfill some might think your time and effort is unnecessarily heavy in Sport .

Exterior upgrades are mild but striking. The tailpipes are black chrome and there’s a little rear spoiler. BMW is happy with the titanium finish around the front fender vents, mirrors, and grille surround, however i such as the high-gloss black trim round the glass. Inside, BMW adds 20-way power multi-contour seats, contrasting stitching, a meaty M Sport controls, aluminum pedal trim, illuminated door sills, along with a sweet group of M floor mats. The seats are firm but well-bolstered and incredibly comfortable. The caliber of the inside materials and fit and finished are exceptional. Like its exterior, the M550i’s cabin won’t feel dated inside a couple of years. The most recent form of BMW’s infotainment product is easily navigated using either the big touchscreen or perhaps a big dial and buttons around the console.

Copious Cargo Capacity

Storage within the BMW’s interior is generous. The M550i’s center console bin and door pockets are large. Regrettably, its two front cupholders really are a bit small, and they’re questionably placed in front of the shifter where tall drinks can hinder or block the weather controls.

A corner is big too. The 2020 BMW M550i offers 18.7 cubic ft of cargo space, that is significantly bigger compared to Mercedes AMG E 53. However, the Audi RS 5 Sportback is really a hatchback while offering extra space. The BMW’s rear seat does fold to grow that capacity and it’s split 40/20/40. An electrical-operated trunk lid is standard.

Thirsty But Useful

Fuel useage probably isn’t a sizable priority if you’re searching to have an $80,000 hotrod sedan using more than 500 hp, but you should know what you’re walking into. The Ecological protection agency rates the M550i’s fuel efficiency at 18 mpg inside the city and 25 mpg around the road. So it’s no Prius. But it is impressively fuel-efficient thinking about its incredible performance. To check, the less efficient 540i is by using a rating of 21 mpg inside the city and 29 mpg around the road, while an M5 is rated 15 mpg city and 21 mpg highway.

Whatever its fuel costs comparable to, the 2020 BMW M550i xDrive causes it to be worthwhile. BMW basically invented the sports sedan that one of the world’s best. If you’re trying to find luxurious high-performance four-door with big power and many types of-wheel drive, the M550i is definitely an very desirable choice.