2020 Audi Q3 Road Test and Review

Entry-level, subcompact, luxury suvs like the 2020 Audi Q3 are caught from the rock plus a hard place. For a similar sum of money their base prices, you can obtain a bigger, better-outfitted, and equally luxurious compact Vehicle in the mainstream brand, as being a 2020 Mazda CX-5 Signature. Alternatively, a larger certified pre-owned luxury Vehicle is generally available for a similar cash, letting budget-restricted yet aspirational buyers move one rung for an advaced status with regards to size and quality.

This situation leaves the Q3 which is subcompact competitors for everybody a narrowly defined customer seeking luxury as well as the innovative technology in the small, urban-friendly package. Audi addresses this conundrum by searching into making lots of desirable equipment standard for your 2020 Q3, while competitors demand upgrades to attain the identical features. Is this fact approach, along with a complete redesign just a year ago, enough to fight the diminutive Audi’s newest competition from Jaguar, Lexus, and Volvo? It must be.

By Helping Cover Their the old, Together With the old (Styling)

For the casual observer, the completely new Audi Q3 looks like the old Audi Q3. In the style-conscious segment exactly like it, where a vehicle can be a lifestyle accessory as much as it is a mode of transportation, this is often a problem. New and flashy is what this buyer seeks. With this particular mentioned, the Q3 seems just like a scaled-lower, pint-sized Audi Q8, the automaker’s flagship Vehicle. Add S-line trim for a lot of extra attitude, upgrade for the 20-inch wheels, and pick probably the most colorful paint hues, which little Audi can grab lots of attention.

Instantly, the interior impresses should you prefer a cold, minimalist, high-tech look. Angular styles adding youthfully artistic whimsy, nevertheless the cabin clearly reflects Audi’s understated, no-nonsense approach to design. There are many plastic inside a Q3, so even though it looks appropriately upscale, it doesn’t always think that way.

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Four people fit okay.

Though small, the Audi Q3 does seat four adults in comfort. Due to eight-way power adjustability and heated cushions, the Q3’s driver and front passenger haven’t any complaints. Together, a sliding and height-adjustable armrest improves happiness levels.

High-Tech Infotainment and Instrumentation

Optional while using Premium Plus trim and standard while using Prestige, the Q3’s bigger 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment method is remarkably sophisticated. Outfitted with large menu tiles, haptic feedback, plus a familiar smartphone-style buyer experience, it’s reasonably intuitive if still distracting while you’re driving. Voice and handwriting recognition systems help in this connection, and physical volume and radio station controls reside both round the controls minimizing center console area.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard in many Q3s, plus a wireless type of CarPlay could be acquired. Additional upgrades include Alexa integration, SiriusXM satellite radio, wireless smartphone charging, and navigation. When the doesn’t impress you, the Prestige trim’s 15-speaker Bang

Top Safety Ratings

The Audi Q3’s roster of technology doesn’t hang on a minute. This Vehicle has Audi’s Pre-sense Fundamental (which prepares the car and occupants for impact) and Pre-sense Front (a forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking) as standard equipment. If you’re acquiring the Premium trim, you’ll be able to upgrade with Audi Side Assist, including blind-place warning, rear cross-traffic warning, and lane-departure warning (while not lane-keeping assist). These characteristics are standard while using Premium Plus, making adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capacity just like a choice. The Prestige includes a number of these advanced driving assistance systems.

During testing, the Q3 Prestige’s assistance systems labored with refinement, operating in the subtle, off traffic fashion. This can be good because then you’re more vulnerable to ask them to engaged rather of shut them off. Along with any sort of accident happened, the Q3 would’ve done a fantastic job of protecting my children. It will receive a high Safety Pick rating within the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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Hefty weight plays a part in disappointing mileage.

Outfitted getting a turbocharged 2.-liter four-cylinder engine making 228 hp and 258 lb-feet torque, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and Quattro all-wheel drive, the 2020 Audi Q3 provides decent acceleration, coping with 60 mph within seven seconds. It certainly features a weight problem, though, tipping the scales at more than 3,900 pounds. That heft, along with a typical .36 coefficient of drag, manifests itself in the low 22-mpg Ecological protection agency rating in combined driving. Compared, a mid-size Acura MDX outfitted with three rows of seats, a 290-hp V6 engine, and AWD earns the identical rating.

Audi Q3 motorists can select between Comfort, Normal, Dynamic, Individual, and Off-Road driving modes. In Comfort, powertrain truth is lazy. In Dynamic, it’s not. However, regardless of driving mode, frequent upshift delays interrupt the elegant flow of acceleration, causing aggravation. On my small testing loop, driven in Normal mode except when switched to Dynamic mode and ultizing the paddle shifters round the twisty bits, the Q3 returned a paltry 21.5 mpg.

A Rollicking Time, Every so often Good

The Q3’s two-ton curb weight also impacts the SUV’s ride and handling. Remember, this vehicle features a short wheelbase plus a taller center of gravity when compared to a vehicle. Blend individuals traits getting a reasonably compliant suspension and Goodyear Novelty helmet Sport all-season tires, which Audi provides a rollicking time, every so often good.

As you’d expect out of your Audi, the steering and brakes are nicely dialed in. Plus Comfort mode, the steering is feather-light for straightforward maneuverability in metropolitan areas and parking lots. Regrettably, when driven very challenging to a road you understand well, the Q3 is suffering from bouncy, squishy handling traits. You’ll be able to tell something potentially good is part of the car, but unless of course obviously an SQ3 type of the Vehicle appears, the Q3 isn’t the best choice for individuals who choose they are driving or individuals who are suffering motion sickness. For entertainment, I’d recommend a BMW X2 with M Sport tuning. For motion sickness, choose something with less mind toss.

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A good amount of Competition

Speaking about competitors, you may want to know very well what alternatives you’ll find for the Audi Q3 — aside from a loaded Mazda CX-5 or possibly an authorized pre-owned Audi Q5.

Relative newcomers for the segment, the Lexus UX offers a hybrid-powered variant because the Volvo XC40 reflects eye-catching design and also the cost effective. BMW supplies a one-two punch while using boxy X1 and sporty X2, as well as the Mercedes-Benz GLA could be the sales champion inside the class, partly since many of these finish in rental vehicle fleets. The Jaguar E-Pace is yet another new comer towards the segment, because the Mercedes GLA-based Infiniti QX30 looks good but sits on dealership lots getting dusty. Based on my experience, only the BMWs as well as the Volvo supply the Audi any serious competition — unless of course obviously you need the Lexus UX hybrid. However a redesigned 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA promises appearance along with improved tech and dynamics.

The most effective Choices inside the Class

For a way you define it, value could be the Audi Q3’s most effective suit. You can buy a Q3 Premium, skip all of the options, and park a brand name-new, nicely outfitted Audi within your yard for less than what you’d purchase a loaded Nissan Rogue.

However, a quick explore Riadanda.com seems three pre-owned Audi Q5s within my local dealership, with under 8,000 miles round the odometer, and many types of priced thousands under my Q3 Prestige test vehicle. Like I mentioned at the outset of this review, the customer base for just about any luxury subcompact Vehicle can be a small one. In the event you count yourself included in this group, understand that among the ones on purchase today, the 2020 Audi Q3 is probably the better choices.