2019 Mercedes-Benz A220 Road Test and Review

Small cars are essential to luxury automakers. They attract more youthful clients who have tighter budgets, giving a vehicle company the chance to show someone right into a loyal customer earlier within their lives. His or her careers flourish and incomes grow, they’ll progress into more costly and lucrative vehicles.

Approximately the idea goes. The brand new 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class may be the latest small luxury vehicle to vie for that attention of Millennials with extra cash. In line with the automaker’s global front-wheel drive platform, the A-Class blends high style having a low cost. Even better, possibly because of the curse of low expectations, it comes down across as well worth the cost Mercedes is asking.

Bigger Inside Than You’d Guess

Walk into the brand new A-Class, and you’ll end up within an suddenly spacious cabin. I’m a large guy, however i didn’t have trouble getting comfortable right in front seats. Contrary, I wanted for bigger side bolsters, since the test car’s 19-inch aluminum wheels and summer time performance tires deliver enough cornering grip that they’re necessary.

Front-seat occupants face a stunning dashboard filled with today’s technology and compelling details. Turbine-style air vents anchor the look in the upper corners minimizing core dashboard, and also the large instrumentation and infotainment display panels look sleek, modern, and minimalist. Piano-key climate controls place the final touch around the car’s upscale interior. The trunk seat is certainly snug, the reduced-mounted cushion lacks leg support, there isn’t much feet room. Simultaneously, though, the A-Class is much more accommodating of passengers than I was expecting. However, trunk space measures 8.6 cubic ft. That’s small even by small vehicle standards. Even though the cargo area is usefully formed, you just can’t cram much in it. If the will probably be an issue for you personally, think about the Mercedes-Benz GLA Sports utility vehicle rather.

‘Hey Mercedes, what’s MBUX?’

Without doubt, the A-Class is really a high-tech vehicle, also it was the very first model to obtain the company’s new Mercedes-Benz Consumer Experience (MBUX) infotainment system. Among the new system’s highlights is natural voice recognition, designed to reply to instructions in the same manner as the smartphone or home voice assistant. You have access to the machine whenever you say something similar to “Hey, Mercedes.” For example, you are able to say something similar to “Hey, Mercedes, alter the temperature to 70 levels.” Or “Hey, Mercedes, I want coffee.” I’d mixed success with this particular system, but it’s remember this that MBUX learns with time. My expectation is the fact that with regular use, performance would improve.

Additionally to voice control, MBUX also employs a touchscreen technology around the dashboard, touch-sensing controls around the controls, along with a touchpad around the center console. Using the Multi-Media Package, MBUX adds an augmented reality overlay towards the navigation system. Around the screen, it shows a relevant video feed of what’s immediately ahead and overlays street addresses and names to the imagery.

Sophisticated Safety Systems

Though a rearview camera comes standard around the A-Class, a driver monitoring system, and automatic emergency braking, advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) are optional. To obtain them, you need to pick the Premium Package, the Multi-Media Package, and also the Driver Assistance Package, which with each other inflates the A220’s cost low of $38,445 — or even more than $40,000 with 4Matic.

The good thing is the Driver Assistance Package is packed with active driving aids, a few of which are unusual in the cost point. Take, for instance, the evasive steering assist technology, which keeps the vehicle in check in emergencies. Or even the Pre-Safe Seem system, which is made to safeguard against hearing problems inside a collision. Or even the Active Emergency Stop Assist system, which could identify an unresponsive driver, bring the vehicle to some safe stop, and phone emergency responders for help. All of these features are unusual inside a vehicle no matter what, not to mention the cost points where Mercedes positions the A-Class.

Modest Motivational Means

Every Mercedes A220 is outfitted having a turbocharged 2.-liter four-cylinder engine making modest power by modern standards. Horsepower measures 188, also it peaks between 5,500 revoltions per minute and 6,100 revoltions per minute, while torque comes down to 221 lb-foot from 1,600 revoltions per minute to 4,000 revoltions per minute.

A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission offers the capacity to the car’s front wheels unless of course you select the A220 4Matic. The AWD upgrade costs $2,000 but adds traction for driving within the snow and improves the car’s driving dynamics.

Satisfying Performance

Because of the A220’s modest output, I discovered the car’s performance suddenly satisfying. The engine’s thick torque curve accounts for a powerful experience of thrust once the driver steps around the accelerator, and based on Mercedes the A220 accelerates to 60 miles per hour in only over seven seconds.

I’m keen on dual-clutch transmissions, and in conjunction with the A220’s multiple driving mode settings and it is paddle shifters, you’ll have a rousing great time within this little vehicle. Plus, the engine is quiet and delicate when you wish so that it is, yet just a little raucous when it’s time to experience. Because of the A220’s athleticism, you’ll be encouraged to accept lengthy way home.

German Dynamics Hecho en Mexico

Probably the most outstanding reasons for the A220 is the way good the vehicle would be to drive solid. Though it’s built-in Aguascalientes, Mexico, it had been designed and engineered in Sindelfingen, Germany. To ensure that means traditional Autobahn-bombing driving dynamics are baked in.

Particularly with 4Matic, the fatty 19-inch wheels, and sticky performance tires, the A220 whizzes around corners effortlessly and elegance. Plus, due to its small footprint, you should use lots a lot of road when you’re driving an A220 when compared with, say, an AMG CLS53. Narrow lanes appear wider, and you may carry more speed through corners. This handling talent doesn’t come at the fee for daily drivability, either. As the test car’s tires and wheels did create a firm and communicative ride, it wasn’t uncomfortable. And Mercedes has an adaptive damping suspension for that A-Class, which without doubt helps you to further filter harsher surfaces.

Rapid List

Apart from fully loaded mainstream mid-size sedans and licensed pre-owned luxury cars, exactly what does the brand new A-Class contend with? Their email list is remarkably short — possibly because individuals two alternative selection pools make smarter financial sense.

There’s the Acura ILX, that is simply an expensive form of the prior-generation Honda Social and it is priced accordingly. The Audi A3, regardless of its evolving age, remains an engaging option to the A-Class. Rumors claim that the Cadillac CT4 — a heavily reworked ATS — won’t cost even more than the A-Class. Despite the fact that it’s bigger, the superb Genesis G70 starts in this same neighborhood. Obviously, if you’re available to may be, there’s always that loaded Mazda Mazda6 we formerly pointed out.

Compelling, but Pricey

As small entry-level luxury cars go, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a useful one. In the styling and elegance towards the technology and driving dynamics, it will make an interesting situation alone.

Additionally, it’s clearly a considerable improvement inside the old CLA-Class, which familiar with function as Mercedes-Benz Millennial vacuum feeding the lifetime loyalty funnel. But could be the A-Class value for money, especially given how easily the price tag careens to the stratosphere? That’s an option solve these questions . make.